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Adobe develops new technology in Basel

12 August 2019

The US-based company Adobe is developing a technology in Basel that will make it possible to display content on screens more quickly. Basel is a central R&D location for the American software provider, says Christoph Kull, head of Central Europe at Adobe.

Computer chip (Img: stephen4/Pixabay)

Basel plays an important role for Adobe. “Basel is a central location for our research and development and is Europe’s largest training center for Adobe Experience Manager,” Christoph Kull, Vice President and Managing Director Central Europe at Adobe, is quoted in an article in the Sunday newspaper NZZ am Sonntag. “So many of today’s customer experiences also include architecture and innovation developed in Basel”.

The US software company is accelerating the development of its Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) from its offices in Basel, a program that allows users to centrally manage their data volumes and adapt them to their end devices. The global support center for critical AEM application cases also happens to be located in Basel, according to Florian Schaulin, manager of the Basel offices. The company is also currently working on a technology that will make it possible to display individual content on screens more quickly.

Adobe has been present in Basel since 2010, when it acquired Day Software, which was founded in 1993. Adobe’s employees come from prominent institutions including the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the University of Basel. Adobe also supports the university financially and awards doctoral theses. In addition, Adobe offers four apprenticeships in Basel.

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