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Danish AI company settling in the Basel Area

Danish AI company Abzu settling in the Basel Area - at Novartis Campus
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Danish AI company settling in the Basel Area


Abzu has settled on the Novartis Campus of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area. From there, the Danish deep tech startup is pursuing its European and ethical vision for artificial intelligence (AI), especially in the pharmaceutical ecosystem.

Danish AI company Abzu settling in the Basel Area - at Novartis Campus
Casper Skern Wilstrup and Lykke Pedersen from Abzu arrived at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area - Novartis Campus

Abzu has opened a new site in the Basel Area, as the Danish artificial intelligence company revealed in a press release. According to information provided, the deep tech startup is bridging the gap between life sciences and data science. Abzu’s “pioneering artificial intelligence” that will achieve is called QLattice. It is “a radical new machine learning model” and therefore introduces a new standard of interpretability and explainability to artificial intelligence.

Investment over €8 million

Founded in 2018, the startup has secured investment of €8.1 million so far. It is aiming to break the USA and China’s dominance in artificial intelligence. The company’s vision is European artificial intelligence that is based on ethical norms for the collection of data.

“Our continued successes in the life sciences will establish Europe as a leader in human-centric AI,” said Abzu founder Casper Wilstrup. “Ethical norms are being practiced here in Basel, which not only speaks to our personal and professional values at Abzu, but also bolsters this European vision for AI.”

Basel Area Business & Innovation supported the establishment of an office in the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area. This put Abzu squarely in a world-leading pharmaceutical ecosystem. “The number of new interactions with startups, institutions, and companies is staggering,” said Samuel Demharter, Bioinformatician at Abzu, in the press release. “We are already seeing real progress and increased energy in this life science cluster around ethical innovation.”

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