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Basel Area cantons publish joint economic report

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Basel Area cantons publish joint economic report


The cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt and Jura have just published their first joint Economic Report. The fundamental environment is described as “good” in the report.

View into the Basel Area

A good environment is absolutely essential for success in business. This is most certainly offered by the three cantons in the Basel Area at the moment. According to the press release on the Economic Report published by the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura, “they will continue to develop their potential in future as well”. The report offers an optimistic look ahead, while taking into account the changes brought about by the consequences of the coronavirus crisis and lockdown, stoppages and the restructuring of international working and supply channels. Time and again, the regional economy has shown in the past that it is competent at responding to change and evolving in a positive direction.

The three cantons have been collaborating closely on matters of economic policy for many years. It therefore makes sense for the governments to compile a joint Economic Report, with this being the first time they have done so. Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft last published a report in 2016.

Based on this analysis, opportunities and challenges for the future have been compiled and specified. In particular, the plan is to work together on state innovation funding and location promotion, as more can be achieved through collaboration than if each canton focuses on its own activities as they have done until now.

At the heart of the adopted approach for the future is the investment and innovation promotion agency Basel Area Business & Innovation, which is already funded by the three cantons. With BaselArea’s range of services and the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, the region aims to create the perfect environment for companies, research and innovation, offering all that research and development, service providers and investors need for international communication and marketing.

The second Supplementary Report analyses the impact of COVID-19 on Basel-Stadt as a business location.

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