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Basel startup Nutrix beats 900 startups

11 November 2019

The Basel startup Nutrix has won a competition at the Web Summit with its business concept. It has developed a nanosensor that measures glucose levels in users’ saliva to prevent diabetes. Nutrix is supported by the Venture Mentoring program of and has been shortlisted for the DayOne Accelerator.

Maria Hahn, Founder of Nutrix, on Center Stage of Web Summit 2019

According to an article at, the Web Summit, one of the largest annual conferences for the global technology industry, took place in the first week of November. During the conference a competition for start-ups was also held, enabling them to present their business concept. This year, around 900 startups took part, and the winner was the Basel-based Medtech startup Nutrix.

It has developed a nanosensor that is placed on the tooth to measure glucose levels in users’ saliva and transfers information to an external app. At the same time, the sensor tracks food intake and provides dietary tips on this basis, allowing it to be used to prevent diabetes. Co-founder Maria Hahn underlined during the presentation that preventative measures such as these could shape the future of medicine.

Hahn and the second co-founder Nikjil Singh first developed their idea together in spring this year. They are already working towards building a prototype. Nutrix has close links with Basel Children’s Hospital (UKBB).

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