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Seeking brilliant project ideas that, combined with digital technologies, healthcare expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, will help solve the health challenges and unmet needs of young people. Selected projects will receive up to 70,000 CHF in non-dilutive funding.

DayOne, the swiss innovation hub for precision medicine and digital health run by, is launching an acceleration program supported by Fondation Botnar. Applications are now open to project ideas improving the wellbeing and health of children and adolescents worldwide.

The acceleration program will include a tailor-made mentoring program, access to DayOne industry experts and collaborative workspace at the DayOne Lab. Selected projects will receive up to 70,000 CHF in non-dilutive funding. We are looking for brilliant ideas that, combined with digital technologies, healthcare expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, will help solve the health challenges and unmet needs of young people.

The program welcomes healthcare innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs willing to accelerate their project outside of their corporate environment.

We at DayOne believe that healthcare is moving from the hospital to the living room and changing from a sick repair system to a health system. Therefore, Fondation Botnar through the DayOne Acceleration program is reaching out to healthcare innovators who are passionate about developing new approaches to improve the wellbeing and health of children and adolescents around the world in any setting. The solutions should have a strong impact delivering health outcomes, while being cost-efficient, scalable and sustainable.

The program will support teams and individuals who strive to:

  • go beyond research and create minimal viable healthcare products and services
  • target health Issues with a special focus on pediatrics and/or adolescents
  • enable frontline work to deliver better health outcomes
  • lower the healthcare costs and be scalable and therefore making their solution suitable for all markets including in emerging countries.

The solutions should embrace a human centric approach focusing on young people and make appropriate use of Digital Technologies (Mobile Apps, AI, Blockchain etc.)

Participants will have the opportunity to drive their project idea forward in a collaborative way engaging with the healthcare innovation ecosystem of the Basel Region. Applicants should therefore be willing to be present in the Basel region and be able to dedicate sufficient personal time to execute on their idea during the six-month period of the DayOne Acceleration Program.

The deadline for the initial application is July 31st.

An initial selection of projects will be made in early August. The selected projects will participate at the DayOne conference on September 11th in Basel where they will receive valuable feedback on their project idea from healthcare innovation experts. They will then have 3 weeks to complete a final application by September 30 th. The formal acceleration program will start no later than January 14 th 2019 and be for a period of 6 months.

Registration and more information

Get involved now, fill out the application.
For more Information, please see our FAQs.

About Fondation Botnar

Fondation Botnar is a charitable foundation established with the core purpose to support children’s basic needs throughout the world. It was founded in Basel in 2003 to continue the philanthropic work of the Botnar family. Its focus is health, nutrition and education.

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