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Clinerion launches patient information platform

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Clinerion launches patient information platform


Basel-based Clinerion is introducing its machine learning platform. It comprises a global network of hospitals and enables researchers to recognize patterns in large groups of anonymized patient data. It should also make it easier for life science companies to recruit participants for studies.

Clinerion, a global data technology service provider with headquarters in Basel, is bringing its machine learning platform to market. It is linked to a global network of hospitals that provide anonymized electronic patient information, called real-world data, based on their privacy policies. In a press release, Clinerion states that there will be access to 425 million patients in 24 countries. Clinerion has developed its federated machine learning platform together with the Swiss innovation agency Innosuisse, the Bern University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Zurich.

There are two goals for this platform: firstly, it should enable researchers to perform sophisticated analyses and recognize patterns for various illnesses. For example, this would enable high-risk patients to be identified before reaching a critical condition and could be used to find undiagnosed individuals with rare illnesses. Researchers could train models using local data and further optimize them with models from other locations. This would expedite clinical research.

More efficient and efficace

Secondly, the platform aims to “radically” improve the efficiency and efficacy of clinical trial recruitment regarding data-based protocol optimization, location feasibility assessments, and patient screening in real time. Furthermore, it makes it easier for partnering hospitals to participate in these studies.

CEO of Clinerion Barış Erdoğan commented: “Personalized medicine, diversity and inclusion, and rare disease treatment will all benefit from this innovative new technology platform.”

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