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“It’s a great reward, especially for the team”

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"It's a great reward, especially for the team"


Crevoisier (img: Dave Joly)

Which problem does your company aim to solve?

Yann Duscher, Crevoisier: Crevoisier wants to provide equipment that increases the productivity and quality rates of its customers.

When and why did you found your company?

Crevoisier was founded in 1966 in order to provide quality mechanical parts.

What does winning the i4Challenge mean to you?

It’s a great reward, especially for the company, the team and all the people who have worked hard to make this ambitious project succeed. It also translates into personal satisfaction because it proves the quality of our work and that we had the correct vision by innovating in the area of 4.0 and including collaborative robots in our next step.

What does the term “Industry 4.0” mean to you and why is the topic relevant?

Industry 4.0 corresponds to equipment connectivity and data evaluation. The topic is important because it is the continuation, the evolution of the industry: Interconnection, production monitoring, machines that are linked to each other, and competent people who can monitor their production, who can intervene early enough if there is an issue and are able to change the manner of intervention to make it happen. Production monitoring is extremely important today. You can control it from home by using a computer, you can talk and interact with the machines, you can involve people from all over the world, so Industry 4.0 is the future, it’s the industry of today.

Where do you see the development in the region?

Generally speaking, concrete solutions exist in the region, from software and connected machines to cobotics. However, there is a lack of qualified personnel to develop and integrate its solutions and this is really slowing down our economy.

What are your plans for your company?

We want to build a new factory to consolidate our four sites under the same roof. In addition, we are currently producing a new type of machines which will soon be available.

Philippe Crevoisier
Yann Duscher

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