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New at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area: Coretag

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New at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area: Coretag

09 January 2020

Coretag, a new dynamic biotech company, launches a radioligand platform technology for a range of therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. A radioligand is a radioactive biochemical that is used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures or for studying the body’s receptor systems. Injected into the relevant tissue or administered into the bloodstream, the radioligand binds to its receptor on tumor cells surfaces. Coretag is determined to rapidly improve care with this platform technology.

Coretag: Elmer Monster, Ermond van Beek, Markwin Maring and Jan van Bodegom (from left to right), img: Roderik van Nispen

Coretag aims to launch an application named NC-Scan for use in patients in 2021. Based on selectively binding to necrotic cells, the NC-Scan will be the world’s first clinical application to determine chemotherapy efficacy within the first week of therapy. Clinical trials with patients with specific solid tumors will start early 2020 at world-renowned leading cancer institutes in Europe and the USA.

This application is a basis for the development of therapeutic agents. Two radioligands therapeutics are in the pipeline, both for the treatment of solid tumor cancer-types. Based on brachy-therapy and hyperthermia, they will have major impact as adjuvant to many existing forms of cancer therapies that are not 100% effective yet.

Coretag’s executive team, originally from the Netherlands, sets its base at the Switzerland Innovations Park Basel Area. They work focused on developing their business. “We are very happy with this location. The atmosphere is dynamic and based on progress. That is how we stand. Great to be here”, says CFO Elmer Monster.


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