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Sotio opens office in Basel

09 January 2020

The Czech biotech company Sotio has opened an office in the Technologiepark Basel. Sotio Biotech AG will be responsible for the company’s clinical development.

Biotech (img: angellodeco/shutterstock) has persuaded another company of the benefits of the Basel region. The location promotion organization helped Sotio open an office in the Technologiepark Basel. In a statement, the Czech biotech company cited Basel’s reputation as a top center for life sciences with a global reach as reasons for its choice. Sotio also highlighted Basel’s very attractive business environment and biotechnology talent pool, stating that it plans to add top professionals to its team.

Sotio is part of the PPF Group. Both companies work in cell therapy and are following the strategy to expand their product portfolio to include new immuno-oncology drugs. Sotio Biotech AG will host clinical development in Basel, as well as functions in marketing authorization and commercial launch. With its new office, Sotio is strengthening its presence in globally-recognized biotech hubs, according to Radek Spisek, CEO of SOTIO.

The Czech company has already worked with other companies from Basel, including NBE-Therapeutics and Cellestia Biotech.

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