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startup baselland supports company creation

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startup baselland supports company creation

20 November 2019 is working with selected organizations and Standortförderung Baselland to support the foundation of companies in the canton of Basel-Landschaft. At the root of the partnerships is the initiative startup baselland.

About 100 people were interested in the kickoff of startup baselland in Muttenz (Photo: Dümpelmann)

The success of a startup relies on certain decisive measures when preparing to launch. With this is mind, the new initiative startup baselland is acting to support successful company creation, announced a statement. Three founder hubs – Business Parc ReinachBusiness Park Oberbaselbiet/Laufental & Thierstein and Startup Academy Liestal – are working with and the location promotion organization Standortförderung Baselland, which is leading the initiative.

The initiative launched with an event organized by Business Parc Reinach at Campus Muttenz of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. Experts spoke about opportunities and risks associated with self-employment, presented approaches and tactics, and showcased the services offered by the participating organizations. The event was rounded off by owners of startups in the region speaking about their experiences.

With projects like this, the initiative intends to reach its “higher goal” of increasing the number of sustainable company creations. This would boost economic power and innovation and create jobs in the canton of Basel-Landschaft.

“We plan to use targeted activities to bring fresh impetus, entrepreneurial force and an attractive location for startups to the region. It is also important to increase awareness of entrepreneurialism in society,” commented Thomas Kübler, Head of Standortförderung Baselland. The kickoff event will be followed by roadshows across the Basel area in the coming year.

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