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“We ease the transition from analogue to digital for every company”

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"We ease the transition from analogue to digital for every company"


Albert Hilber, and Katrin Beuthner, United Planet (img: Dave Joly)

“We ease the transition from analogue to digital for every company”

Which problem does your company aim to solve?

Katrin Beuthner and Cédric Rosenberg, United Planet: We simplify our customers’ journey from analogue to digital and support them in their digital transformation process – with a typical amortization period of less than 12 months. We provide our customers with a platform that enables them to quickly provide individual solutions and to continuously adjust or extend these easily.

Our Software Intrexx Industrial allows our customers to integrate machine-data very quickly and process it in custom applications, thanks to the plug & play connection of the MQTT protocol. This means that dashboards, which display the machine workload or even problems can be created very quickly. This information can easily be forwarded to the relevant person’s mobile device via an Intrexx process. Alongside the integration of the MQTT protocol and the Intrexx Industrial sample solution, we also have the specific benefits of the low-code platform Intrexx in the IoT area.

When and why did you found your company?

United Planet was founded in 1998. During that time, the internet, and with it the intranet, began to spread throughout companies. At first, it was very complicated, and thus expensive, to build an intranet that suited specific needs. The idea behind founding United Planet was to make this easier: to allow every company to create an intranet according to its unique needs, without the need for significant amount of technical expertise. Meanwhile, United Planet extended its services from intranet to extranets and the digital workplace to, most recently, industry 4.0. With the same low-code platform, we have been constantly creating and improving our portal for the past 20 years. Meanwhile, we uphold the same philosophy: to ease the transition from analogue to digital for every company and tailor our product to individual needs.

What does winning the i4Challenge mean to you?

It is very interesting to present a product to a jury of professionals. When a jury recognises your product as being innovative and solving actual pain-points in companies, this means that all the teamwork that has been dedicated to develop the product is rewarded in the most effective way possible. Furthermore, with an increased presence in the market, we are able to help even more companies fulfil their digital transformation dreams.

What does the term “Industry 4.0” mean to you and why is the topic relevant?

The term itself implies nothing scientific. Our perspective is that, industry 4.0 is about connecting the whole ecosystem from suppliers to manufacturers to customers and business-partners. The goal is to use the data in every performance-improving situation. For example, involving the client directly in the production. Connecting suppliers with a company’s ERP means companies will always have the correct spare-part at the right time, without extra storage-costs.

The concept of industry 4.0 is not only about automation and robotization, though. There is one more step; it means connecting the whole ecosystem.

Where do you see the development in the region?

The development is visible wherever you find innovative decision-makers who want to be different to others. We consider ourselves as innovators working with a revolutionary product.

What are your plans for your company?

The possibilities for innovation are almost infinite within companies and we will continue to support innovators in their digital transformation process. We especially strive to remove companies’ pain-points and allow them to be distinguished from their competitors by giving them the opportunity to offer innovative services internally and/or externally.

Also, with the next steps in digital innovation and the emergence of new technologies, we will be even closer to fulfilling our customers’ goals and helping them move forward along the road to digitalization, by supporting them with a platform that is able to keep up with their ever-changing and innovative strategies. We transfer complex digital technologies into an easy-to-understand and quick-to-deploy platform that provides countless individual solutions for each and every pain-point.


United Planet
Katrin Beuthner
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