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«We will show the new product at the Olympic Games 2021 in Tokyo»

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«We will show the new product at the Olympic Games 2021 in Tokyo»


The new Basel Area Business & Innovation Podcast offers exciting conversations with interesting interview partners. The first guest is surgeon and entrepreneur Hans-Florian Zeilhofer. The Bavarian has lived and worked in Basel for 18 years. He has founded various startups and initiated many research projects in the high-tech sector. One of them will be presented at the Olympic Games in Tokyo «as a new product from the Basel Area for the world», as Zeilhofer reveals in the podcast.

Zeilhofer got the idea for his latest project a few months ago when he visited the Humard company in the canton of Jura. «I realized that they had developed a technology for the watchmaking industry which could easily be transformed for educating young surgeons.» Because the product will be shown as a world premiere next year at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Zeilhofer cannot go into details. But he reveals that it can bring new aspects of automatization into the operating room. And he announces that he has more plans for the Olympics.

Hans-Florian Zeilhofer combines research and entrepreneurship in an exemplary way. In the podcast, he talks about his desire to be a scientist and an entrepreneur at the same time. He also explains what he focuses on when putting together a team. «I like people who are honest, I like people who have passion. These are the most important things I look at,» says Zeilhofer.

Zeilhofer is raving when he talks about the Basel Area as a business and innovation location. He particularly appreciates the short distances, the proximity to the border and the dynamic ecosystem. «The Basel Area is great, not only by size, also by spirit.»

The new podcast sets a stage for the Basel Area. What makes the Basel Area a good business and innovation location? Which innovations could cause a sensation? What is important to consider when founding a startup? Are good scientists also good CEOs? Such questions are discussed with the guests in the Basel Area Business & Innovation Podcast. The episode with Hans-Florian Zeilhofer is available in both German and English. You can subscribe to the Basel Area Business & Innovation Podcast on your preferred platform, for example on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast and Google Play or on

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