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Workshop: Can digital health solutions answer patients’ needs in chronic disease management? (EN)

Fortunately, we are already fully booked.

In this hands-on workshop we will examine the systemic challenges and the user perspective that are limiting innovation in the management of chronic diseases.

During the workshop, you will enjoy lectures from clinicians, technology experts, and patients. Further, you will work with us on identifying the underlying causes behind the lack of adoption of many solutions. We will also ideate new proposals to overcome them.

We will conclude the workshop with a networking lunch sponsored by the Diabetes Center Bern.


This workshop is for you if:

  • you would like to understand the problems of digital health and chronic disease management.
  • you have an idea on how to improve chronic disease management but need partners or input to advance your idea.
  • you are a clinician or patient who wants to add your perspective to the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Discuss and co-create adapted solutions in this workshop that is part of the Innovation Booster Digital Health Nation and organized in collaboration with CSEM and Diabetes Center Bern.


Participation is free, however registration is required before March 7th, 2023.

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