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ESOP, ESPP, RSU, phantom stock… – How to choose the best equity compensation plan for your company employees

Join us for an exclusive educational workshop designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to navigate the complex world of stock-based employee compensation plans, including employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs), restricted stock units (RSUs), and phantom stock. Stock-based employee compensation plans have become a cornerstone of modern business strategies, especially for startups. Understanding their implications is crucial for entrepreneurs and executives looking to incentivize, reward, and retain their key talent. Business angel Michal Bartos will introduce the basic concepts and practical implications of the different types of plans.  Swiss tax expert Nadia Tarolli will shed light on taxation and provide invaluable insights into optimizing tax strategies depending on the type of employees, management and company. Both will share their market insights and discuss actual trends.

Our speakers
Michal Bartos looks back on an international career in the pharma/biotech industry and has been an angel investor and active player in the Swiss startup ecosystem since 2015. He is the founder and CEO of ARTO AG, supporting clients in the healthcare space and beyond.
Nadia Tarolli Schmidt, Partner at VISCHER, is a lawyer and Swiss tax expert. She brings twenty years of expertise in Swiss tax law, advising businesses from foundation to IPO and individuals on domestic and international taxation. She is passionate about life science and medtec. Nadia Tarolli is amongst others a board member of Straumann, Medartis and Biomed VC AG.

Key topics covered
– Why and when to draft and implement an ESOP
– Type of plans: what works  best for aligning stakeholders’ interests for your startup?
– Modalities of a plan, e.g. shares/options/phantom shares, vesting, cliff, good/bad leavers, governance etc.
– Tax and social security aspects

Who should attend?
– You are or intend to become a founder of a Swiss startup
– You consider establishing an ESOP and would like to receive valuable input
– You are or will become a key employee of a Swiss startup, potentially eligible to an ESOP
– You are a board member, CFO or HR-responsible and as such involved in the execution and governance of an ESOP
– You are interested in exchanging experiences with other industry players
– You have questions related to ESOP that you always wanted to discuss

Space for this workshop is limited, so early registration is encouraged. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain critical insights into the world of ESOPs, ESPPs, RSUs, and Phantom Stock and ensure your business remains competitive and aligned with the best practices in taxation and strategic management.



Door opening


Basel Area Business & Innovation


Presentation and Q&A
Michal Bartos, CEO ARTO AG
Nadia Tarolli Schmidt, Lawyer and tax expert at Vischer


Networking Apéro

Participation is free, however registration is required before November 8th 2023.

For further information

For further information regarding the event registration process, please do not hesitate to contact
Mariana Rado
Manager Events
Tel.: +41 61 295 50 00