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Roundtable IP: common pitfalls and how to avoid mistakes

Have you considered that the most critical questions about your IP strategy might be the ones you haven’t thought to ask yet? How would you even know? Our upcoming IP roundtable is precisely designed to address this need. This setting, tailored to stimulate engaging discussions among fellow founders, brings such vital questions to the forefront – to be answered on the spot by our IP experts from Rentsch & Partner. These are the kinds of questions that can reveal crucial insights and potentially transform your IP strategy.

The main topic for this session will be IP Challenges: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Mistakes. In this discussion, we will explore the often-overlooked aspects of:

• How can I make sure that I actually own my invention?
• When do I need to seek professional advice?

But this is just meant as a conversation starter. We welcome all IP-related inquiries, ensuring that you can get the comprehensive guidance you need.

To ensure we have the right experts available, please submit your specific questions in advance using this online form: [Online Form Link].


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