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Webinar: Preclinical antibody discovery by Alloy Therapeutics (EN)

Antibody-based therapeutics represent one of the largest and fastest growing drug modalities in the world. In 2019, antibody-based therapeutics accounted for over 140 billion dollars annual sales worldwide and represented five of the top 10 selling therapeutics. Today, hundreds of companies worldwide are developing antibody-based therapies with the goal of improving outcomes for patients in need.

In this webinar, Alloy Therapeutics, a leader in human antibody-based drug discovery platform technologies and discovery services, will share its perspectives on best practices for preclinical antibody drug discovery, review Alloy’s current offerings, and provide an open Q&A for all participants.

Participation is free, however registration is required before February 17, 2021.





Alloy Therapeutics

Heather Schwoebel, Senior Vice President of BD, Head of Platform Licensing
Piotr Bobrowicz, Chief Technology Officer


Q & A


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