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RNA leaders Europe 2024

Scientific, clinical and commercial development of RNA therapeutics and vaccines

Discover, develop & get to market by assessing new data & case studies from global RNA experts across Oligo-Based Therapeutics, mRNA Vaccines & Therapeutics and Next Gen RNA & Delivery Tools. Areas of focus:

mRNA Vaccine & Therapeutics

  • Delve in pre-clinical and clinical mRNA therapeutics and vaccine advancement for oncology cardiology, respiratory, neurology & rare diseases.
  • Progress mRNA 2.0 modalities such as self-amplifying RNAs and self-replicating RNAs.

Oligo-Based RNA Therapeutics

  • Progress & assess the development of antisense oligonucleotides & siRNAs into the clinic for rare disease and chronic indications.
  • Explore scientific approaches in the expansion of micro & non-coding RNAs.

Next-Gen RNA

  • Uncover emerging RNA modalities and applications such as circular RNAs, dark genome, RNA editing, diagnostics, RNA editing and cell therapy.
  • Understand novel RNA targets and approaches including small molecule drug discovery, deeper RNA biological MOAs.

Delivery & Process Development

  • Discover novel delivery techniques beyond standard LNP and extrahepatic delivery, delivery solutions short RNAs including conjugates and naked formulations and optimising payloads.
  • Assess platforms and raw materials to reduce mRNA production at scale and translate regulatory outlines to mRNA therapeutics.

and more.