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Workshop «Practice over Paragraphs»

achieving data protection compliance under limited resources!

As a member of our Start-up community you are invited to join an insightful and interactive workshop designed to demystify data protection and equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools for effective compliance. Whether you are new to data protection or a seasoned professional, this compact workshop will help you understand your responsibilities and improve your data protection practices.

This workshop is hosted by Prof. Bettina Schneider, FHNW.

Who is it for?
1. Newcomers to data protection
Are you aware of the importance of data protection but feel your knowledge is incomplete? This workshop will cover the key points of your responsibilities, guiding you through a self-assessment to identify the top priorities for your data protection roadmap.

2. Professionals with data protection responsibilities
If you are already responsible for data protection, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to check your compliance status. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and share your experiences with peers in the field.

What to expect
As an added value, all participants will receive a list of practical templates for organizational data protection compliance, specifically tailored for small organizations.

Participation is free, however registration is required before 17.09.2024.