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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: How can this be done? (EN)

10. Tri-national Industry 4.0 Technology Circle – Innovation and Development in the Region through the Upper Rhine Competence Network

Applied AI uses intelligent applications to solve classification, prediction, and control problems to automate, add, or augment real-world business use cases. As AI technologies rapidly push new frontiers of innovation, business adoption continues to grow across use cases (Source McKinsey 2022).



Sébastien Meunier and  Albert Hilber
Basel Area Business & Innovation


Der digitale Zwilling, das unbekannte Wesen (German)
Wir klären Begriff, Geschichte und Entwicklung des digitalen Zwillings und zeigen auf, wo er sinnvoll in Unternehmen eingesetzt wird.      
Prof. Markus C. Krack
FHNW Brugg-Windisch


Modern data visualizations: more than colors and bars
Example cases from Microsoft’s Swiss Championship Challenge from summer 2022 with Open Data from WHO and Swiss Retail Market.
Manuel Werner und Caspar von Stülpnagel
b.telligent GmbH


Digital Twin based on the exampleof the Lausanne
train station reconstruction

For the project “Enlargement and Modernization of Lausanne Station”, the method of Building Information Modeling BIM is applied. This challenging project offers the opportunity to take advantage of working on digital twins and other novel applications of digital tools.
Jan Reifler und Mathias Kuhn
Basler & Hofmann


Pannel Discussion


Sébastien Meunier and Albert Hilber
Basel Area Business & Innovation

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