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DayOne Health Hack: Data Future

The best way to transform the healthcare industry is by assembling diverse,
interdisciplinary teams of experts, practitioners, and outside-the-box thinkers to tackle specific challenges in defined environments. DayOne Health Hack: Data Future embodies this collaborative approach to innovation. By participating in this event, individuals can put their ideas into action, developing practical and creative solutions to real-world healthcare problems.

The event’s philosophy is encapsulated in the motto “just do it”, emphasizing the importance of taking bold and decisive action to drive meaningful change in the healthcare industry.
It is a “non-code” event, so everyone can contribute to solving real challenges that patients and physicians face. This is for you if you are a dreamer, an innovator, or just someone with a curious and open mind. This year it’s all about data in healthcare.

Teams can win an invitation to the Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster program to further develop the prototype. Additionally, special prizes from the partners will be announced during the Kick-Off.


  • Registration open – 4th April
  • Registrations closed – 1st May @ midnight
  • Kick Off Ceremony – 2nd May@ 1 pm
  • Team formation closed – 4th May@ midnight
  • Webinars / Mentoring sessions / Co-create your ideas with end-users – 2nd to  10thMay
  • Closing submission for projects – 11th May @ 10am
  • Closing and Award Ceremony – 12th May @ 4pm