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IP Strategy for hightech startups (EN)

Most high-tech startups are aware that a sound patent portfolio is an important asset that helps to defend their future markets and to monetize their ideas. However, the investment needed to build a patent portfolio can be substantial and care must be taken to protect the company in an affordable manner against the copycats that inevitably will surface once the startup has gained momentum. At the same time, investors will back off if the startup is running into problems due to IP rights of competitors.

In view of this, the seminar will:

  • discuss typical IP related problems encountered in practice
  • explain why not only patents, know-how & copyrights, but also trademarks & designs are important for startups
  • explain the do’s and don’ts of protecting innovations
  • outline the difference between patentability and freedom to operate
  • use of patents as a source of information.



BLOCK 1: Basics of Intellectual Property

  • IP as incentive for innovation
  • The different types of IP rights

BLOCK 2: To file own IP or not: a business decision

  • Filing own IP or not: the business side
  • Filing own IP or not: the IP perspective

BLOCK 3: Freedom-to-operate: a mandatory exercise

  • IP infringement: a serious risk
  • FTO analyses for start-ups

BLOCK 4: Resources and support

  • Useful links to support


About the speakers:
Claus Peter Pietruk has more than 25 years of professional experience working as a patent attorney in private law firms in Germany and Switzerland representing clients before the Swiss, German and European Patent Office as well as the EuIPO and WIPO. He has advised a large number of startups as well as small and medium sized enterprises and publicly listed companies in all IP related matters. Before becoming a patent attorney, he has studied physics in Karlsruhe.

Christian Moser is a patent expert in life sciences and working at the IPI since 2014. Besides his activity as a professional patent researcher and examiner, he is involved in IPI’s efforts to promote IP awareness at universities and in the private industry. He also is a trained veterinarian with a PhD in molecular virology. After his education at the University of Bern and a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, he spent more than a decade in the Swiss vaccine industry in various scientific and management roles.


Participation is free, however registration is required before May 11th, 2021.