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Basel Area supports Industry 4.0

In today’s ever-changing technological world, production alone is not enough. Companies are continually challenged to produce more at a lower cost with fewer resources, while reducing their impact on the environment.

Promising new technologies such as, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with rethinking traditional ways of working, are needed to solve this complex equation. The companies of tomorrow will adopt new ways of managing people, embrace technology and develop new business models.

They will solve challenges such as converting legacy processes in an increasingly digital world, locating and training new skills, implementing effective cyber security, and connecting services directly with suppliers, customers, and each other.

Changes in business models will require companies to adopt new go-to-market strategies and technologies, and consider new methods of change management. This can mean transitioning to more data-driven decision-making, production and process management.

Basel Area industrial expertise

Industrial transformation in the Basel Area is concentrated around production technologies, collaboration and new business models.

The Basel Area is home to many high-tech precision companies that manufacture complex, high-quality products. These include chemical and pharmaceutical companies, engineering, electronics and mechatronics firms, watchmaking and manufacturers of sensors and machines. This experience forms the basis of a strong ecosystem for innovative industrial technologies.

Main fields of focus

  • Industry 4.0
  • Production technologies
  • Collaboration
  • Business models
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing
  • ICT readiness

Trinational Artificial Intelligence project

AI is a key technology for the future of companies. As the driving force behind digital transformation in the Basel Area, we will develop a series of concrete and collective projects with the aim of helping SME companies in the Basel Area to take a step towards AI. We are launching a series of concrete and collective projects with the aim of helping SME companies to take a step towards Artificial Intelligence.

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Supporting innovation


You can connect with Basel Area innovators, investors and leaders in Industry 4.0 through a series of events, services and programs that foster a dynamic ecosystem where industrial transformation thrives.

Our network of Industry 4.0 experts and enthusiasts spans the tri-national area (Switzerland, France and Germany) and, together with our events and workshops, create an ecosystem that promotes industrial transformation.

Events and groups

Industry 4.0 events provide opportunities for innovators from research and development, entrepreneurs, companies and investors to exchange experiences and knowledge.

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  LinkedIn 3d Print group

LinkedIn Production Tech group

  LinkedIn Upper Rhine group

Catalyst projects

Industrial Transformation helps shape the future of production with Catalyst Projects that tackle industrial issues which cannot be addressed in silos. By crossing disciplines and industries, new solutions that connect machines, data and artificial intelligence are on the horizon.

As a neutral platform, Industrial Transformation supports a number of collaborative projects that help tackle bottleneck issues in industry innovation and develop solutions to industry needs.

In tri-national Industry 4.0 Technology Circles these projects bring together research, development, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and business communities, extending cooperative efforts across companies, institutions and disciplines to develop new Industry solutions.

Whether you’re looking for collaboration and partnerships to foster change management, new methods of collaboration, integrating new technologies, connecting machines and objects (IoT) to customers or suppliers, or something else, our catalyst projects can help develop new ideas and new ways of working.


The i4Challenge is a program for SMEs, startups and Industry 4.0 initiatives and projects focused on innovative solutions, new approaches and next-generation products or services for industrial transformation.

The Basel Area offers a supportive ecosystem for tackling the transition of the manufacturing industry towards customer centric smart technologies and sustainable production methods.

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From startups to newcomers, ventures in the Basel Area can find space to follow their dreams and prove their ideas. We can help you find the facilities and infrastructure you need to succeed including meeting space or co-working space at our innovation and technology parks.

The Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area Site Jura offers programs and incubation space for startups in industrial transformation.


From nurturing startups to helping high-tech endeavors source funding, suppliers and partners, our team is here to help your business succeed.

We have a large network of experts across a number of fields such as industrial technology, business modulation, market know-how, change management, cyber security, Industry 4.0, supporting startups, production technologies, and more.

From helping you make connections to sourcing suppliers and expertise, we can advise you in a number of areas.

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