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Technology Circle seminar: share ideas, knowledge, and use cases

Discover the latest developments in the realm of IoT, cybersecurity, AI and other technology trends through an exchange of ideas, expertise, and cutting-edge use cases. Join the Technology Circle and experience the innovation journey first-hand. Experts in different technologies share their knowledge and invite you to bring your experience to the discussion.

Share your experience and broaden your knowledge. Check out comprehensive write-ups from recent seminars. Step into the world of advanced technology and be a part of the discussions shaping our technological future.

The rise of AI and data in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing

In our 13th iteration of the Technology Circle (24.10.23), we had a new record of 9 guest speakers! In 10–25...
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i4Challenge 2023: 11 winning projects push the boundaries of innovation

With the i4Challenge program running for the sixth time, 6 “Innovative Solutions” and 5 “New Ideas” winners showcase their expertise...
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Opportunities in the Metaverse

In our 12th iteration of the Technology Circle (21.06.2023), we learned from four speakers what the metaverse is and what...
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AI for SMEs – The complete guide to implementing AI in your manufacturing company

Over 3 years, we developed a guide to implementing AI in your manufacturing company. Learn about our progress and be...
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QuantumBasel offers access to the world’s most powerful quantum computers

QuantumBasel has consolidated its status as a neutral quantum hub with access to the world’s best quantum computers through a...
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AI engineering and its impact on business

Learn how AI is changing the game of innovation, its role in product development and what companies have to do...
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Digital twins and data visualization in Industry 4.0

We invited five speakers to talk about digital twins, data visualization and the Building Information Modeling (BIM) used in the...
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Technology Circle: Recommended concepts, components and methodologies of transformation strategies

The fourth online Technology Circle Event in February 2021 focused on concepts and components as well as on project methodologies...
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