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Turning ideas into success or getting a new business off the ground takes hard work and dedication. We know you’re determined to succeed and we’re here to help. Basel Area Business & Innovation is your connection to professional resources within a vibrant ecosystem designed to nurture innovation.

We offer free* services to qualified entrepreneurs and business trailblazers. You’ll find connections to thought leaders, experts and stakeholders focused on business transformation, along with collaborative projects, communities, workspaces and accelerators that support innovation and growth across several key industries such as therapeutics, healthcare and production technologies.


*Our services are free of charge to qualified entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs.

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Accelerators support innovation

Starting or developing a new venture or research project? You’ll find the resources you need here. Our accelerators in three key industries – therapeutics & biotech, healthcare & digital health, and production technologies & Industry 4.0 – connect entrepreneurs and innovators with partners, collaborators and funding sources both in the Basel Area and globally.

Supporting Therapeutic Innovation

BaseLaunch accelerates therapeutics ventures in close collaboration with our partners at leading pharma companies and venture funds. In addition to providing funding of up to 500,000 USD, BaseLaunch mentors and supports founders, bringing in relevant consultants, advisors and biopharma professionals to get companies off the ground quickly. Since 2018, our portfolio has raised more than 100 Million USD in financing.

Supporting Healthcare Innovation

With a focus on shaping the future of health, the DayOne Accelerator supports promising new digital health ventures that combine groundbreaking technologies, healthcare expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Selected venture teams receive coaching from experts and immersion in a dynamic ecosystem that includes potential customers and patients, as well as access to funding and innovation space.

Supporting Industrial Transformation

The i4Challenge is a program for SMEs, startups and Industry 4.0 initiatives and projects focused on innovative solutions, new approaches and next-generation products or services for industrial transformation. The Basel Area offers a supportive ecosystem for tackling the transition of the manufacturing industry toward customer centric smart technologies and sustainable production methods.

Why innovate in the Basel Area

Basel Area Business & Innovation is your connection to professional resources and helps you find business success: within our vibrant ecosystem we create connections to communities of thought leaders, experts and stakeholders, develop collaborative projects and accelerators, and offer work spaces that support growth and innovation.

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Simon Ittig
Basel Area Business & Innovation, Innovation

“I see a very innovation-friendly climate in Basel”

It all began with research resources that were a quarter of a century old. Simon Ittig and his colleagues at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel turned these into a research project – and eventually a start-up. T3 Pharmaceuticals develops new therapies to treat solid tumours.

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Basel Area Business & Innovation, Innovation

Bio-Rad Opens European headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, in April 2017

In April, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., a global provider of life science research and clinical diagnostic products opened a facility in Basel, Switzerland. The new site will serve as a European headquarters for the company with administration offices and other areas that include research and development, purchasing, sales, and distribution. Bio-Rad was founded in 1952 and is based in Hercules, California, and has offices and facilities around the world. In 2017, embarking on its 65th year of operation, Bio-Rad’s global network of over 8,250 employees and operations are helping people live longer, healthier lives.

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