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Catalyst projects

Sharing your knowledge or expertise with others through collaboration could spark groundbreaking innovation, new technology, or processes. That’s exactly what catalyst projects in the Basel Area are all about.

Collaboration and innovation

Catalyst projects help develop innovation topics within communities, extending cooperative efforts across companies and disciplines to harvest new market potential. They range from one-time workshops to initiatives that run for several years in order to develop an innovation topic further.

Collaboration groups form a community that extends across companies and disciplines in order to grow new markets or develop solutions for local needs.

Some current and potential topics include:

How our catalyst projects fit into our industries and initiatives

Our Therapeutic Innovation initiative is building a dynamic life sciences ecosystem that supports new company creation and enables collaboration with established players in the biopharma community. A key part of the initiative is BaseLaunch, which incubates and accelerates therapeutics ventures to a point where they can raise funding or begin strategic collaborations.

Our Healthcare Innovation initiative, DayOne, is helping to shape the future of health by creating a community of collaborators that aim to change people’s lives for the better. By fostering collaboration, DayOne is building a thriving healthcare innovation ecosystem in the Basel Area. DayOne hosts events, organizes catalyst projects, facilitates connections, and runs the DayOne Accelerator to bring healthcare innovation ventures forward.

Our Industrial Transformation initiative provides networking and educational events and programs within the broader Basel Area (Upper Rhine including France and Germany), and organizes the i4Challenge to accelerate the development of startups. We are creating a thriving production technology and Industry 4.0 ecosystem in the area.

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