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Looking to start a company? That’s great, because the Basel Area thrives on entrepreneurship. Basel Area Business & Innovation is here to support you in launching a startup based on technology or innovation. You’ll find education, consultation, accelerator programs, funding resources, networking and more. Our services are free to qualified applicants.

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Venture Mentoring

Get rapid access to expert advice on high-level strategic questions to shape a solid business case for your innovative technology and get your startup investor ready. You will receive pinpoint professional advice from an expert in the respective field in one-on-one meetings.

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Sustainable innovation

Climate change, biodiversity loss and related social disruptions and inequalities are forcing us to fundamentally rethink the way we do business. Give your startup an advantage and build a company that thrives in the economy of the 21st century: Gain access to current knowledge at our events and meet sustainability experts in the Venture Mentoring program.

Women in entrepreneurship

Up until now, female founders are a minority in the entrepreneurial community. This needs to change. We support women entrepreneurs with our Venture Mentoring, a mentoring for startups service and arrange coaching sessions with female mentors and experts that can assist and support in challenges related to entrepreneurship and startups.

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Director Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship for the Basel Area

We aim to capture all the entrepreneurial potential and talent in society, encourage it to try new things and create an inspiring environment for entrepreneurs. To this end, we are working together with local and regional partners that foster and improve the entrepreneurial culture in our wider region. To remain on the successful journey our Basel region has been on, we are in need of a continuous pool of talented entrepreneurs with fresh ideas.

Trinational entrepreneurship

Not sure where to find the best support for your startup in our tri-national region? The ingredients for your successful startup could be just across the border: Together with our partners FWTM/Startinsland in Freiburg, Germany, and SEMIA in Mulhouse, France, we offer a trinational entrepreneurship curriculum to guide you on your way from idea to established business. Benefit from support services and offerings in France, Germany and Switzerland. In the Basel region, we have the unique situation of living in a tri-national cluster. This is a truly unique mix of cultures, languages – and fantastic innovation capabilities. The region hosts several leading universities, a rich ecosystem of startups. With this paragraph, we would like to mention the work we are doing in the local ecosystem and its actors/stakeholders. These are ongoing different projects. But we could mention e.g. the Global Entrepreneurship Week Basel and link their website.

Maurus Basler

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Maurus Basler

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Additional resources & help

Founders courses

This program of seminars and workshops in collaboration with IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen and Startup Academy helps those planning to start a company.

Support Material

Get informed about the legal requirements and steps in starting a business. Download our GRÜNDEN magazine for helpful tips.

Seminars and workshops/resources

This series is aimed exclusively at start-ups and high-tech SMEs with concrete innovation projects and provides in-depth examination of various business issues, such creating a business plan, funding, product development, pricing and intellectual property, as well as marketing and communications.

The definite guide to finding new customers for your startup without spending money

Finding new customers and creating a stable demand is at the top of every entrepreneur’s to-do list. Is it on yours, too? Great, then this guide is for you. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know to find customers for your startup, from building your network to cold calling and creating a value proposition

Basel Area Business & Innovation supports people, companies and institutions who want to found or grow an innovative venture, firm or project in the Basel Area. Our services range from startup acceleration to diverse events and workshops to inspiring collaborative work spaces.

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