Sustainable innovation

Economic success for your startup and sustainability should go together. We help you uncover and tackle sustainability topics from the very start of your new business. Benefit from our sustainability coaching and mentoring sessions as any innovative startup or entrepreneur located in the Basel region. Our network of coaches and partners can provide guidance to questions like:

What are different sustainability dimensions I can have an impact in?

Analytical steps in sustainability performance

What are first analytical steps I can take to assess my sustainability performance?


What are best practices in circular product design?

…and many more.

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We are working on projects that support startups, SMEs and bigger organizations to cooperate with each other in order to achieve their sustainability targets. Wherever there is a need to cooperate in solving issues as partners, we offer our know-how and experience in accelerating innovation as an independent and impact oriented broker.

You have a specific need or idea? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We help in finding synergies, making connections, fostering partnerships etc.


What sustainability has to do with startups

Recent years have shown us that we have to transform our economy radically to make sure that future generations can enjoy a healthy planet and a democratic and just society. We are currently in a massive transformation that leaves no industry, no organization and no society untouched.

At Basel Area Business & Innovation, we are committed to support entrepreneurs that build the sustainable economy of the 21st century. We believe that innovation and new business concepts are the key to solve our most urgent challenges. Building an ecosystem where such business concepts can be tested and grown to successful companies is our recipe for progress and future prosperity for the region.

When it comes to sustainability we do not consider ourselves experts, but we are good students! In order to educate our ecosystem and ourselves, we organize stimulating events and facilitate networks that bring all of us forward.

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