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Venture Mentoring testimonials

“The Venture Mentoring helped us expand our network & challenge relevant topics for our growth."

Carolina Maertens, CEOKultArt

“The Venture Mentoring workshop on regulatory with Oliver Hilgers provided me a thorough insight on the regulatory requirements for Smart-Pick. Our products were categorized and the regulatory requirements were clarified. The time period and actions needed were identified and explained. My questions were answered adequately."

Gabor Kosa, CEOSmart-Pick GmbH

"The meeting with Novartis was very valuable. We were able to discuss what matters most to Pharma in relation to data and how our data matches their needs."

Dr. Alfred Ruppert, VP Business DevelopmentClever.Care

“It was great to have the possibility to interact with patent expert so early on in the development of our project. During the Venture Mentoring workshop we had good discussion and created solid base for the future patent strategy.”

Maria Hahn, Project LeadNutrix

“The expert adivce from Marie from Villiger Valuation was amazing. It helped us to get an informed and realistic perspective on the value of our company.”

Marc WarliesMedical DIA AG

“In preparation for our Series A investment, we got very good insights from Marie regarding the process of a Series A. Especially, her experience regarding the range of the figures was helpful and how we could move around some of the painful terms and conditions.”

Michel Mohler, CFOLyfegen HealthTech AG

"The Venture Mentoring workshop on patent strategy with Peter was very helpful especially Peter in asking very clear cut question from us in order to identify the lacking areas and to give us an overall overview of IP strategy and when and how to apply."

Faraz Oloumi, CEOAurteen GmbH

“In the Venture Mentoring meeting on patent strategy Peter Pietruk could give me very valuable hints in the subject of intellectual property due to his many years of experiences. With his critical questions, he was able to quickly identify which solution was the best for me.”

Bruno SchnellmannInmagnis AG

“The Venture Mentoring helped us to form a meaninful connection to an IT sales expert having own consultation company in healthcare and pharma field.”

Oskari VincoUniteLabs AG

“The Venture Mentoring workshop with Villiger Valuation was vital for discussions at eye level with investors and helped us to close a seed financing round of 750k CHF while the workshop with Vossius was determinant for our patent strategy. We thank Basel Area Business & Innovation for the continuous support.”

Girisha Fernando, CEOLyfegen HealthTech AG

"Thanks to the 4 hrs Venture Mentoring workshop on patent strategy we recognized and pivoted to a technical solution that provides much higher value and is much easier to reach. It was super helpful to get this meeting on short notice before having invested in the original idea."

C. R. Founder

“The Venture Mentoring IP workshop made me aware of the patentable core aspects of my technology and ultimately led to a granted patent that now greatly increases the value of my company. Thanks to a valuation workshop I could close a seed financing round to the satisfaction of all parties.”

Frank WernerGolex AG

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“Thanks to the Venture Mentoring with investment experts, we learnt about the most important value inflection points and have a clear roadmap and a reliable base to go to investors.”

Danuta CichockaResistell AG

“The Venture Mentoring was invaluable to get support from experienced experts in the field. In particular, advice in regulatory, IP, and financial strategy was vital at a very early stage.”

Matthias WipfMOMM Diagnostics AG

"We are grateful for the Venture Mentoring workshops, which greatly helped us building up our innovative venture."

Marija PlodinecArtidis AG

“The Venture Mentoring has been determinant for Vaderis progress in providing the mentors to draft the term sheet used for in-licensing the compounds.”

Raffaele PerenoVaderis Therapeutics GmbH

"Thanks to the Venture Mentoring workshop with a reimbursement expert from the leading healthcare insurance provider Helsana we got an insight opinion on the chances of our technology for reimbursement and could validate our business model in the very nascent stage of our project."

Guillaume Bellegarde, CEODhygee

“The Venture Mentoring allowed us to validate the value of our solution, discuss regulatory challenges in different countries as a prerequisite to our market-entry strategy and finally distill the outcomes into a business plan that incorporates the peculiarities of the market we are aiming at.”

Marko KocicDatalinker.io

“To this day we could take a lot from the three Venture Mentoring workshops. They were pushing a lot of boundaries and were asking the right questions developing the right strategy.”

Johnny PetersenBrite GmbH

“One of our key challenges was to price our product and the Venture Mentoring connected us to a pricing expert within their mentor network whose insights were fantastic!”

Dr. Renu Ann JosephLuminant Analytics AG

“Gaining access to a wealth of knowledge from diverse fields of expertise (information technology, pricing, learning & development, business strategy), I was quickly able to figure out the right steps to move forward with the Venture Mentoring.”

Fabrizio FracassiFuel GmbH

"Thanks to the Venture Mentoring we could speak to COOs of several B2B customer companies, who gave us feedback and insider knowledge that were decisive for our product development."

Jeremy Siegfried, CEOSoosty GmbH

“We thank the Venture Mentoring for the three meeting with two business advisors and a regulatory expert who provided invaluable advice on the business and development plan.”

Gabor KosaIV-Fertilaziation

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