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Is my business idea a hit or a miss?

That’s the million-dollar question every startup founder asks. At Venture Mentoring, we will help you find the answer. Let seasoned experts be your guides to entrepreneurship and give your high-tech idea the day in the spotlight it deserves. With us, you get more than mentorship – we are your partner in innovation. 
Bring your idea and let’s discover its destiny together.

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Why venture mentoring?

Bespoke support

Define your business case step by step with experts chosen for their domain expertise.

Tailored for high-tech solutions

Meet specialists who empower your high-tech vision with extensive industry experience

Instant advice

A wealth of wisdom, skills and experiences at your fingertips, just a call away.

Thriving network

Tap into Basel’s renowned business ecosystem.

Just get started

No jury, no selection, no hassle, no bureaucracy.

Scope of the standard venture mentoring support

Our standard mentoring program is designed to swiftly define your high-tech innovation’s business case, offering quick access to tailored expert advice. We address high-level strategic questions in concentrated 2-3 hour sessions, connecting you with domain experts specifically chosen for each topic you need guidance on. For you the service is free-of-charge sponsored by our sponsoring foundation.

  • Business case checkup. Get an assessment from an experienced business angel or investment manager about the chances of financing your project. Find out first hand what is important to investors and what is missing from your business plan.
  • Company Valuation. At the seed stage of their venture founders struggle with being under-prepared for investor meetings and unable to defensibly quantify their venture’s worth. Learn about the stages of financing, how VCs measure themselves, how to value your startup, and finally how to maximize your startup’s valuation.
  • B2B customer feedback. As a startup, it is often difficult to get to the people in large companies who decide to buy your B2B solution. We try to get these people to come and mentor you so that you know early on if there is a need for your product and what it needs to look like.
  • IP strategy. Together with a patent attorney, you will analyze the patentable aspects of your technology and draft a patent strategy with regard to scope of protection, countries, schedule as well as cost plan. If required, a guided patent search can be carried out at the IGE, “Institut für geistiges Eigentum” free of charge (fee normally CHF 300).
  • Regulatory Pathway. In a mentor meeting, an initial regulatory objective is defined and, based on this, the classification of the product is assessed. This will help to sketch out indications for time and cost planning for registration in the initial market in preperation of investor discussions.
  • Reimbursement chances. Discuss with experts from insurance companies your healthcare innovation’s chances for a refund on a private supplementary insurance. Get an initial assessment of the reimbursement strategy for planning market access.
  • Marketing strategy. Get feedback on your marketing strategy from a marketing specialist. Learn from a successful Kickstarter veteran how to achieve your financing goal through crowdfunding. Learn from Internet founders do’s and dont’s with product launches.
  • Pricing strategy. More than 50 percent of customers’ purchasing decisions depend on the price. Learn from a pricing expert how to use psychological price levers in your pricing and develop an individual pricing strategy with them.
  • International expansion. Find out how to adapt and implement your business model internationally, how to find access to crucial information and stakeholders in other markets and how best to take your first concrete steps abroad. (in collaboration with Switzerland Global Enterprise)

Extended expertise packages

Our extended expertise packages are designed for comprehensive analysis of key startup challenges and extend beyond our standard venture mentoring sessions. These offers are developed in collaboration with our partners and represent their dedicated support to our startup ecosystem. While offering additional options, founders have the freedom to access equivalent domain expertise through our standard support – ensuring impartiality and prioritizing your startup’s interests.

Patentability Analysis by Rentsch & Partner

Take advantage of Rentsch & Partner’s patentability analysis service, free-of-charge for our startups and valued at 2,000 CHF. This comprehensive service includes evaluating your invention for potentially patentable aspects, performing a four hours assisted patent search in collaboration with the Institute for Intellectual Property, analyzing the existing state-of-the-art to position your innovation uniquely, and providing strategic patent filing advice.

Also, join our IP Roundtable hosted by Rentsch & Partner. In this casual, one-hour virtual session, you’ll have direct access to experts for open discussions on intellectual property matters.

Coming Soon: We are excited to announce that new Extended Expertise Packages are currently in development. These upcoming offerings are being carefully crafted to provide deeper, more comprehensive guidance for startups. Stay tuned for more details on how these advanced packages will further enhance your strategic planning and decision-making processes.

Coming Soon: We are excited to announce that new Extended Expertise Packages are currently in development. These upcoming offerings are being carefully crafted to provide deeper, more comprehensive guidance for startups. Stay tuned for more details on how these advanced packages will further enhance your strategic planning and decision-making processes.

What startup founders say



Who is the venture mentoring suitable for?

Our venture mentoring program is specifically designed for high-tech startup founders. It targets entrepreneurs with potentially patentable innovations or scalable software products, who are planning to establish their business in Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft, or Jura. This program is a perfect fit for those at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation, seeking to transform their visionary ideas into successful enterprises.

What is the scope?

The program operates on a unique question-by-question basis. Each specific inquiry from a founder is allocated up to two hours of expert attention, ensuring that the guidance provided is precisely tailored to their individual situation and needs. This approach is efficient, focused, and avoids the involvement in extended consultancy commitments, as we do not fund these. Our strategy is to offer targeted support for each query within a well-defined time frame. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of startup journeys, our adaptable budget allocation is designed to deliver critical support exactly when it’s needed most, providing a flexible and responsive resource to navigate entrepreneurial challenges.

How does it work?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, simply register and contact our team to discuss your innovation and the challenges you face. We will connect you with our ecosystem of experts, who are well-equipped to assist you within the scope of our program. Our structured meeting organization process is a critical component, necessitating thorough documentation to support the flexibility of our budgeting. We encourage regular check-ins and updates post-meeting to keep us informed about your conclusions and progress. This ongoing communication is vital for maintaining alignment with your evolving needs and ensuring the effectiveness of the support provided.

Terms and conditions for startup founders supported by venture mentoring

Terms and conditions for startup founders supported by venture mentoring


Governance and interference

Transparent decision-making: Regular updates on key decisions and progress.

Balanced stakeholder representation: Consideration of all stakeholders in governance practices.

Ethical management: Adherence to principles of fairness, integrity, and responsibility.


Benefit to the Basel region (BL/BS, and Jura)

Regional economic contribution: Positive contribution to the Basel region’s economy.

Sustainability commitment: Sustainable business practices in the region.


Legal and compliance

Liability: Basel Area Business & Innovation is not liable for the advice given by experts.

Confidentiality and data protection: Strict confidentiality of shared information.

Compliance with laws and regulations: Business activities must comply with relevant laws.


Operational guidelines

Meeting organization and documentation: Adherence to structured meeting process and regular updates.

Program changes and availability: Basel Area Business & Innovation reserves the right to modify the program.


Support and accountability

No entitlement to support: Support is assessed case-by-case.

Responsibility for decisions and outcomes: Founders are responsible for decisions and outcomes.

Feedback and continuous improvement: Encouragement of constructive feedback.


Compliance and review

Adherence to terms for continued support.

Non-compliance may result in withdrawal of support.

Commitment to regular reviews with mentors.



Terms and conditions for experts in venture mentoring program


Governance and advisory role

Principle-aligned guidance: Provide advice in line with the program’s principles and values.

Transparency in advice: Maintain transparency in the guidance and feedback provided.


Responsibilities and conduct

Ethical conduct: Uphold high ethical standards in all interactions and advice.

Confidentiality obligation: Strict confidentiality of information disclosed during mentoring.

Conflict of interest: Disclosure and avoidance of any conflicts of interest.


Suspension of support

Monitoring compliance: Experts are expected to monitor startup compliance with program terms.

Action on suspected breaches: Required to report suspected breaches and may cease support if a breach is confirmed.

Program participation

Active engagement: Commitment to active and regular participation in mentoring sessions.

Feedback and improvement: Provide feedback for the continuous improvement of the program.


Compliance and agreement

Agreement to uphold terms: Acknowledgment of understanding and commitment to these terms.

Right to modify participation: Basel Area Business & Innovation reserves the right to reassess expert participation.


By signing these terms and conditions, experts acknowledge their role in supporting startup founders while adhering to the program’s principles and standards.

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