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Network and events

Connect with other innovators and experts in the Basel Area through a variety of events and networking opportunities. You’ll find specific innovation-focused meetings and workshops spanning a number of industries designed to promote the exchange of knowledge, and opportunities to learn, grow and share expertise across firms and industries.

A vibrant network

Our network includes experienced leaders and innovators in ground-breaking technologies across industries such as healthcare, life science, biotech, pharma and industrial transformation. From consultation to mentoring for startups to partnerships, you’ll find connections and programs to help your business succeed.

More than 7,400 event participants in over 50 events.

Events, seminars and workshops

Every year, Basel Area Business & Innovation hosts more than 100 events, workshops, panel discussions and conferences to help companies accelerate their business development and grow their network in the area’s highly diverse innovation ecosystem.

Our events help innovators learn, grow, connect with the community, collaborate, and spread awareness of important, cutting-edge topics.

These include:

  • Seminars – on topics ranging from technology, marketing and sales to intellectual property protection
  • Learning and networking events – meet business leaders, successful entrepreneurs and other experts to learn about new developments in therapeutics, biotech, healthcare and industrial transformation

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