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Entrepreneurial support

Basel Area Business & Innovation supports people, companies and institutions who want to found or grow an innovative venture, firm or project in the Basel Area. Our services range from startup acceleration to diverse events and workshops to inspiring collaborative work spaces.

Startup support: Launch your business

Looking to start a company? That’s great, because the Basel Area thrives on entrepreneurship. Basel Area Business & Innovation is here to support you in launching a new company or business idea based on technology or innovation. You’ll find education, consultation, accelerator programs, funding resources, networking and more. Our services are free to qualified applicants. We offer:

Founder’s courses

This program of seminars and workshops in collaboration with IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen and Startup Academy helps those planning to start a company.

Support material

Get informed about the legal requirements and steps in setting up a new business. Download our GRÜNDEN magazine for helpful tips.

Seminars and workshops/resources

This series is aimed exclusively at start-ups and high-tech SMEs with concrete innovation projects and provides in-depth examination of various business issues, such creating a business plan, funding, product development, pricing and intellectual property, as well as marketing and communications.

The definite guide to finding new customers for your startup without spending money

Finding new customers and creating a stable demand is at the top of every entrepreneur’s to-do list. Is it on yours, too? Great, then this guide is for you. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know to find customers for your startup, from building your network to cold calling and creating a value proposition.

We have provided over 1,771 consultation sessions since 2016.

Ongoing support: Grow your business

Successful businesses don’t just come out of nowhere. What an entrepreneur needs to get a business off the ground is a qualified exchange with experts. This is exactly what’s on offer with the Venture Mentoring from Basel Area Business & Innovation.

As part of a guided process, you’ll receive an assessment and concrete recommendations from industry insiders, entrepreneurs and subject experts.

This service is free of charge and is oriented towards first-time entrepreneurs who want to make the leap into business, as well as already established high-tech SMEs who want to expand their existing business with a concrete innovation plan.

Turn your innovation into a solid business case through expert advice.

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